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Only in-person ordering for our food trucks!

Tres Leches $5.99

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth with something soft, spongy and creamy 



  • Located at Canadian Tire Parking Lot

Taco Meal $11.90

  • Pick two tacos with your choice of chicken pork or ground beef

  • Comes with chips as a side

King nachos $13.50

  • Comes with ground beef, beans, queso, sour cream and pico

Freaky Fries $13.50

  • Bed of fries topped with coleslaw, pulled pork, sour cream, tartara sauce, mexican cheese and pico.

Quesadilla $13.50

  • 8" corn or flour tortilla with melted cheese,  cilantro, and onions. Your choice of meat

flautas $ 11.90

  • Filled with refried beans and chicken with your choice in toppings of salsa, mozzarella cheese, salad, pico and sour cream

burrito $11.90

  • Your choice of pulled pork, chicken or ground beef. Burrito comes with rice, whole beans, corn. Salsa, mozzarella cheese, sour cream, tartar sauce and pico!

sweet churros $7.90

  • Freshly fried and sugared churros. Nuff said.


  • Rice $3.00

  • Beans $3.00

  • Chips & Salsa $6.90

  • Guacamole $1.50

  • Queso Sauce $1.50

  • Pico $1.50

  • Sour Cream $1.00

  • Fries $4.00

Jarritos $2.50

  • Made in Mexico with an array of flavour options

Water & soft drinks $1.00

  • Your choice of water or Soda


  • Located at Canadian Tire Parking Lot

Way to heaven Crepas $10.99

  • Strawberry Peach Crêpe

Sweet sin crepas $10.99

  • Nutella and Banana Crêpe

Temptation Crepas $10.99

  • Chicken, corn, queso, sour cream and pico

Chubby Hot dog $8.99

  • Charro - Guac, mozza and pico

  • Legendary - BBQ pulled pork, pico & sour cream

  • Caribbean - Fresh coleslaw, parmesan cheese & pico 

Dulcinea Ice Cream $11.90

  • Vanilla ice cream, sweet milk, shaved chocolate and whipped cream with your choice of pineapple, strawberry, peaches, banana or all four!

Mango slushie $5.90

  • Delicious and refreshing, made with real mangos

Piña colada $7.90

  • Virgin Piña Colada made with real fruit and topped with whipped crem

Jarritos $2.50

  • Option of Lime or Strawberry

Water & Soft drinks $1.00

  • Your choice of water or sods

Extras $1.50

  • Sour Cream

  • Guac

  • Pico

  • Nuts

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